Curly Girl Garden Lantern

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These beautiful ceramic garden lanterns feature a unique, handmade look with a matte finish. Just drop in a tealight, votive, or mini string lights for a magical glow. With debossed lettering, each lantern features a message of love, encouragement, and more. Dimensions: 4.5” D x 8” H.

Three options:

Your Light: "There are some who bring a light so bright to the world that even after they have gone their light remains."

With You Always: “When I am gone, look for me in every star, every moon, every brand new day, I am not gone. I am everywhere with you dear, everywhere light gets in.”

Love You: “I could no sooner count the stars in the sky than count the ways I love you.”

Live With Love: "There are many things I am sure without which we could not live, but love is the only one I can think of."