Her Phoenix Rising: A Journey to Health & Healing through Self-Love

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Her Phoenix Rising; A Journey to Health & Healing through Self-Love, explores the mind/body connection and the quest for optimal wellbeing. Author Christin Collins thought that she was doing everything she could to live a vibrant and healthy life; still her health struggled.

Collins takes us on her non-traditional journey to uncover the root cause of her ailments. Along the way, she discovers that knowing and loving herself is essential to good health; and the foundation for optimal wellbeing.

In Her Phoenix Rising, Collins shares stories such as:

  • Her detachment from her root cause, and how different and unique experiences helped her unearth it, process it, and heal.
  • The unfolding of timely connections with diverse people, each teaching her a lesson that was formative to her growth.
  • The love of family and friends, and how through letting go and embracing all of the imperfections, they found perfection in the experiences.

If you have an inner longing that you cannot put your finger on, are curious and open to personal growth, or strive to live freely without judgement, and welcome living a life of optimal wellbeing, Her Phoenix Rising; A Journey to Health & Healing through Self-Love is for you.