Legally Addictive Holiday Bag

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  • PART CRACKER, ALL COOKIE: The sweet crunch of crackers & the loving warmth of gourmet cookies, all rolled into one delectable bite; Legally Addictive Peppermint Crunch Cracker Cookies pack a world of comforting tastes & refreshing textures
  • CRACKER COOKIES WITH CRUSHED PEPPERMINT: Peppermint Crunch Cracker Cookies retain the original see-sawing flavors of our Crack Cookies, upped a notch with a topping of crushed peppermint; A perfect companion for the holiday season
  • HANDMADE TO PERFECTION: Move over factory-floor, run-of-the-mill crunch cookies, because it’s time for our carefully crafted, deliciously handmade Cracker Cookies to shine; Crunchy gourmet cookies for every American pantry
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Legally Addictive Peppermint Crunch Cracker Cookies feature the finest ingredients available; The goodness of crunchy crackers is complemented by handmade toffee, Belgian semi-sweet chocolate & a top layer of crushed peppermint