Scout Ready Set Go Essentials Kit

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Nothing’s more annoying than having to move the stuff you use the most from one bag to another—and this four piece set solves that! All of your essentials (e.g., glasses, credit cards, earbuds) get their own “room” in the “house” which you can easily relocate to whatever bag you’re carrying that day.

Four-piece set includes:

  • Large, clear zippered pouch to give everything a home
  • Golden Girl Piccola zippered pouch: Perfect for earbuds, lip balm, and other small essentials
  • Card Shark card holder: Two slots for cards, ID, and cash; magnetic snap closure
  • Twenty-Twenty pinch-top eyewear pouch: Keep track of your glasses and avoid scratches
  • Easy-clean fabric on all items
Fabric: velvet
Care: Wipe clean with a damp wash cloth or towel, with or without soap. Air or towel dry.