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Stonewall Crackers

Stonewall Crackers

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Sea Salt These delicious, hand cut Sea Salt Crackers are simply superior! Crisp and distinctive, you'll love the subtle flavors and trace minerals from the coarse sea salt that's baked right into each cracker. They taste amazing in soup, paired with any cheese or you can just enjoy them right out of the box.

Rosemary Parmesan - Try these savory Rosemary Parmesan Crackers served with our award-winning jams, relishes, mustards or chutneys. For an easy appetizer, top with our Artichoke Caper Relish or Sun Dried Tomato Relish. These crackers are baked with the flavor of Italian Parmesan cheese and a hint of savory rosemary for incredible flavor.

  • Robust Rosemary and Parmesan flavor

Avocado Oil/Sea Salt - Avocado oil and sea salt add a wholesome twist to our classic-style crackers. Perfect for crunching and munching with your favorite toppings, these crackers are thin and crisp with a wonderfully delicate texture that comes from the addition of buttermilk. Enjoy their light and mild flavor with aged cheeses, savory spreads … or whatever you’re in the mood for when hunger hits!

Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Crackers - Inspired by the Southwestern flavors found in our favorite cornbread, these crunchy crackers feature a spicy jalapeño kick, the bold taste of Cheddar and a slight sweetness from corn flour. Snack on them straight from the box, pair them with zesty dips or use them as a topping for hearty chili!

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