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Whole Harmony Folk Fyre Tonic

Whole Harmony Folk Fyre Tonic

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An old-fashioned herbal remedy crafted to warm up your digestive fire. Concentrated proprietary blend of root veggies and raw apple cider vinegar created to support healthy gut flora and balance digestion; a little kick to the face when taking a shot of folk fyre; anti-inflammatory.

Caution: these are hot! Our Folk Fyre Tonics are an old-fashioned herbal remedy crafted to warm up your digestive tract. Unlike regular apple cider vinegar, Folk Fyre’s impressive list of natural ingredients includes a variety of powerful additives. Potent and fiery, this blend includes freshly shredded horseradish, ginger, and turmeric to name a few. Once steeped in raw apple cider vinegar for a duration of six weeks, we then strain and bottle up this potion for your consumption!

  • Raw apple cider vinegar 
  • Horseradish – circulatory stimulant; anti-septic  
  • Ginger – powerful anti-inflammatory/antioxidant warming carminative 
  • Garlic – anti-viral; high blood pressure, high cholesterol supplement and promotes blood circulation  
  • Turmeric – helps digestive and intestinal health; anti-inflammatory  
  • Burdock Root – powerful antioxidant; removes toxins from blood; diuretic and digestive aid  
  • Onion – antioxidant; high in vitamin C; promotes kidney function; anti-inflammatory; reduce high blood pressure and prevent against blood clots; anti-bacterial; rich in prebiotics 
  • Rosemary – antioxidant; anti-inflammatory, improves digestion, circulatory stimulant  
  • Thyme -anti-septic, anti-bacterial, biocide fighting against infectious bacteria  
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